Nordic Welding Expo


The price of the department consists of the allocation of space, the registration fee and the possible angle position increase depending on the number of squares needed.

The price for a stand consist of the allocation of space, registration fee and the possible corner stand fee.


Pricing examples

All prices VAT 0 %

9 m²

1 295 €

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12 m²

1 610 €

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15 m²

1 925 €

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24 m²

2 870 €

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Prices by sqm

  • 105 €

Other fees

  • Registration fee 350 €
  • Corner Stand fee 10 %
  • Co-exhibitor fee 350 €
  • Structures over 250 cm 420 €

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What do prices include?

The pricing of stands provided by Tampere Trade Fairs is based on the required area (m²), the location of the stand, the number of companies at the stand and the amount and size of structures that are ordered.

An example stand

  • Size of the stand: 20 m²
  • Location of the stand: Hall A, corner stand
  • Number of companies at the stand: 4

The price of this example stand is comprised of the following: pricing per square meters + an additional fee for a corner stand + 3 x the fee for additional exhibitors + registration fee.

What is a registration fee?

The registration fee is a service fee that exhibitors pay to have their company’s information included in both the online exhibitor catalogue and the printed trade fair guide, to obtain user rights to Extranet service and to receive free tickets that can be given out to customers.

What is a fee for additional exhibitors?

The fee for additional exhibitors is a service fee that companies sharing another exhibitor’s stand pay in order to be entitled to the same services as the so-called main exhibitor at the stand.

What is an additional fee for a corner stand?

The additional fee for a corner stand is paid for those stands that are located at the corner of a block. Compared to so-called row stands, such stands have two open sides. The amount of the additional fee for a corner stand is the given percentage of the stand’s area. The additional fee for a corner stand is charged for stands with an area not exceeding 50 m².

What do structures over 250 cm refer to?

If a stand has structures exceeding the standard height, i.e. structures higher than 250 cm, an additional fee is charged for such structures.


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